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A collection of seven sweet little songs for voice and ukulele written and performed by Eef van Breen. Created for the theatre piece Borgen of the Dutch theatre company 'Noord-Nederland Toneel' based on the famous Danish television series (2016). They're all fresh and crispy on-take recordings; ENJOY! Sheet music also available. DOWNLOAD HERE

Sheet music also available. Music written and performed by Eef van Breen (vocals and ukulele). Recorded by Ruben Samama in Amsterdam, March 2016. Cover picture by Suzanne Arts. www.eefvanbreengroup.com


De Eef van Breen Group bracht een special edition box uit met de CD Changing Scenes.

Koop nu onze box, ontregel de sleur en verander jouw scene! Met de aanschaf van de Box ben je een groot supporter van de Eef van Breen group en word je vermeld op onze website. Verkrijgbaar voor 35 euro.*)
What’s in the box? (eenmalige oplage 250 stuks)
• Het album Changing Scenes
• 100 pagina’s full color booklet
• 100 meter Changing Scenes lint
*) Verzendkosten bedragen helaas 9,04 euro; dus het is voordeliger om hem na afloop van een optreden aan te schaffen!
**) in 3 boxen zit een GOLDEN TICKET verborgen. De vinder wint een prive concert OF een diner bereid door de Eef van Breen Group.



Sometimes in the creative process, things just seem to come together; be it a musical idea, a fantasy, daily life, a dream or even current affairs.

The idea of Changing Scenes and the use of sounds from all around us reproduced by a foley artist, was born during the recordings of the documentary PLAYING NEW YORK, in which the Eef van Breen Group sings a drawn-out melody in the streets of New York. In his hotel, van Breen listened again to an audio fragment of a group of Mexican percussionists he had met along the way on the subway. Percussion and the subway rumble momentarily merge in a most wonderful way and an added layer is created when it is no longer clear what is orchestrated or accidental. As soon as the subway is gone, it is the people that are passed by. Fleeting. It is no longer about the music. The musicians are unaware; they have become part of larger whole.

Eef van Breen uses these extra layers in his compositions for CHANGING SCENES, most of them part of different multi-discipline projects; a documentary, a dance performance, a theatre play and a movie without image. Van Breen about his album:

“I am not so much looking to wrong-foot the audience as much as surprise them with Changing Scenes, give them an experience that is more than simply auditory. As if they are film stars. Recalling images. I want to take it a step beyond, by embracing reality; the world we all live in. Not just the dreamy-eyed bits. Also the frustration, melancholy, energy and aggression. All aspects of man. That is done by changing scenes.”


About PLAYING GAMES, the debut album (2010) (Edison nomination)

In Playing Games compositions and improvisations are tagging each other, they run away, tumble over each other and fall into embrace.

With seven great musicians Eef van Breen creates a situation in which the senses are stimulated to the extreme with balanced compositions, dazzling improvisations and moving songs. In a surprising line-up with trumpet/vocals, 2 violins, cello, harp , piano and double bass.

"In Playing Games I have set out to draw from all the music that has ever influenced and/or inspired me. Be it the first children song, pop song or all the jazz and classical that I have encountered, I have set out to scour the well if I may. I feel for the first time in my creative life I have been able to distill a sound from this rich array of sonic textures and ideas."


...A performance that is, at times, heart-wrenchingly emotional, and at other times, played with a lightheartedness that emphasizes the groups interactions with one-another...

...The music is a spine-curling combination of classical chamber, with a splash of swing, and a generous serving of contemporary jazz...

Holly Marder/The Hague Online

...I've been following Eef van Breen's musical development, and I admire what he does. He has chosen excellent musical partners for the project. Eef is an artist who speaks to artists, and his familiarity with the jazz idiom makes it possible to do this in a very special way...

Ack van Rooyen, jazz trumpeter